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A few tips to keeping your Live Oaks strong and healthy

Trees are magnificent giants that symbolize strength and timelessness. Live oaks are some of the most beautiful trees found on the planet. With that being said, these giants need to be taken care of. Below we will go over some main ingredients to keeping your trees healthy for years to come.

Fertilizer is typically not needed when a tree is in its natural habitat or surroundings. However, if the ground has been disturbed around the tree from planting or construction, it is imperative to fertilize around the base of the tree. This will help the tree to adapt to any changes with its surroundings.

​Unhealthy trees may require fertilization to help get the nutrients to prolong the life of the tree. By fertilizing your oak trees, you are helping to balance out the potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen which are needed to keep the tree looking green and full. By making sure that your tree has enough foliage, it increases the capacity to produce food and energy by capturing sunlight. Our Largo Tree Service experts can help you with your fertilization needs!
Another major factor to keep in mind is the soil cover around the base of the tree. Maintaining a few inches of soil cover over the roots of the tree will help prevent erosion and root damage. The cover should go out around 6 feet away from the tree but not cover the trunk. 

Next we come to trimming and pruning. A yearly maintenance plan for trimming will help keep your Live Oak's appearance very appealing. While Live Oaks are in the growing season, open wounds can make the tree susceptible to problems like disease and insects. By trimming your trees in the dormant months, you can help prevent these issues.  

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