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Certified Arborist on Staff 

Proper tree trimming and pruning can improve the safety, health, and beauty of your trees. Common reasons to trim trees would be to remove dead, hazardous, or overcrowding limbs. Tree trimming is a very meticulous task that takes years of experience to master. Our Largo Tree Trimming Experts have over a decade in the industry and can help you decide which tree care service best fits your needs. 

Crown Thinning - Reducing the canopy of the tree and allowing sunlight too pass through. This can also help prevent storm damage by allowing the high winds to blow through the tree much easier.

Dead Wood Pruning - Reduces the risk of property damage or bodily harm from falling limbs

Canopy Raising - Creates more visibility around the tree as well as gain access to the trunk area

Vista Pruning ‚Äč- a great alternative to removing a tree and also gain a wonderful view

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